Saturday, July 27, 2013


I am an Arcturian Star Child. I hail from the planet Arcturus,an unseen star closest to the sun. My planet is one with the sun,as we ARE "The Beings and People of Light". Our constant and continuous connection to Christ's being,love and light,is EVERYTHING to each one of us. I was "activated" on planet Earth in My current and final incarnation at the age of 19. Activation can take place in a starseed's life at any time,depending on the starseed's previous direction for their blue-print,before they incarnate into their physical body. A specific time,or age in a starseed's soul development is chosen before physical arrival into body,and set accordingly to that starseed's star DNA and genetic chain. I was "awakened" at age 19. That was MY preset time for star/soul activation before hand. ALL is governed by GOD,AKA: The GREAT ONE DENOMINATOR. God watches over ALL and EVERY galaxy,star system,AND dimension. Jesus The Christ IS the human/Godly embodiment of HIS Father God. Jesus has had several incarnations upon the Earth,as the same enlightened soul,but with different names and lifetimes. It IS through our Christ Consciousness that we become the "I AM." Our connection to the Christ Consciousness,brings us to,our best and truest understanding,and knowing of self, or our "core/center". After we have accepted Christ and the Christ Consciousness,we can only then begin to live our own truths,and see things in the "I AM" which is "The Big Picture",as we are ALL ONE, and EVERYTHING IS ONE. The universe is a most beautiful place,be good to each other,and love yourself for the unique and special individual that you are! Namaste -Ahnea Natheya- (AKA: Star Child) 

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