Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ahnea And "Eve"

My "Higher Self" has a name,which is Ahnea Natheya. This is My name on the planet Arcturus where I am from,as well as My lives on Atlantis as "THE Priestess of Alantis",which was My official title. However titles are NOT important,it is the being/person behind the name or title. My "second self" "Eve" which is My "Earthen Name". This name connects Me to the Earth planet,and My maker. Although I AM Ahnea,and I strive everyday,to perfect "Eve" as much as possible,to reach to My "Higher Self" and accension as the light being I AM, Ahnea Natheya. It is difficult to explain to others,that you have two people within you. However this is NOT pychosis,as Ahnea IS Me "Eve" in My highest form,as she IS My Higher Self. To live your own truth and to be and become who you truly are,is your gift from GOD, and also your gift TO GOD. When I write as "Eve" in a post I will sign My posts AS "Eve",and when I write as Ahnea,it is pretty obvious,as Ahnea speaks through Me,and I channel messages as well. I will sign Ahnea's posts AS Ahnea. Just an F.Y.I.

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